Screaming Circuits: Top-Ten Lists


Weekend Wisdom with Screaming Circuits

Some Fridays are just more "Fridayish" than others. And by "Fridayish" I mean that it's been a long week and most of the day is spent with an overtone of "5:00 can't get here soon enough." Today isn't one of... Read more

What’s in store for you in 2022

As is tradition, I’ve put together my thoughts on what we have to look forward to in the new year. Uncertainty abounds and I know we all are looking for answers. That’s fine, but when I sat down to write... Read more

30 second Philosophy, December 2021 Edition

I've been largely working from home for the last 20 months. On the one hand, much of my job can be done effectively from anywhere in the world with fast and reliable Internet. The video conferencing systems are quite good... Read more

30 second philosophy, October 2021 edition

Ever wonder if the outside world operates like your brain does? Philosophy is the age old branch of study that, in my mind, best attempts to answer this question. Another way to put that is: "Weird things pop into my... Read more

Top five reasons to outsource during the holidays

October, 2020 has passed, as has most of November. Just six minutes ago, it was August and we were all trying to remember whether we had had a summer or not. Time and space no longer have meaning. With that... Read more

Afraid of designing with Flex? Three reasons you might want to try

Until fairly recently the use of flexible PC board material (flex) was considered only for specialized or exotic applications. As tends to happen with advanced technology, the "mainstream" has caught wind of flex. With so many Internet of Things (IoT)... Read more

Five Misconceptions About Solder Mask

Before parts are added, a typical printed circuit board (PCB) has four ingredients: substrate, metal, solder mask, and silkscreen. Each of those four ingredients comes in a host of variations, and each has varying degrees of “requiredness.” All four should... Read more

The work world in 2021

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That often used (or yelled by my Jr High School football coach) statement has always struck me as being a bit odd. I’m sure my coach intended it to mean that... Read more

A few Predictions for the Next Decade - The Eve of Disruption

It's now the eve of 2019 and about all I'll say on the coming year is that we are in for a wild ride. The last few years have been pretty crazy, and 2019 looks to continue that trend, but... Read more

The End is Near - X30

Let me be more specific. The end of the year 2018 is near. Some might argue that with air conditioning to keep us cool in the summer, heating to keep us warm in the winter and an industrialized global food... Read more