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Kasparov vs. Deep Blue, Feb 10, 1996

A Few Words from Sara Shepherd, Screaming Circuits Contributing Author... What the famous chess match continues to teach us about the limits of AI and the richness of our own humanity Twenty four years ago, chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov traveled... Read more

Component supply - Is it panic time?

Is it panic time? If you know where your towel is, then no. But, it is time to prepare and take some action to protect yourself against supply chain disruptions. So, here's what we know: A fair number of silicon... Read more

Jered Stoehr named new Chief Executive Officer

Milwaukee Electronics, the parent company of Screaming Circuits, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jered Stoehr to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding his father, P. Michael Stoehr, who will serve in the role of Executive Chairman.... Read more


A Few Words from Sara Shepherd, Screaming Circuits Contributing Author... "Robot" was first publicly used by Karel Čapek in the January 25, 1921 debut of his play play "R.U.R.", or "Rossum's Universal Robots." January is not only the month the... Read more

Supply Chain Challenges are Back

Time to prepare for shortages Shortages and price increases are hitting the supply chain again. Some of the greatest effects are occurring in raw materials used in PCB fab and metal fabrication. Silicon components and capacitors are also showing increases... Read more

24 and 48 hour turn-times temporally unavailable

For me, the wait between last save in my CAD software and having the assembled boards in hand to test is a lot like those agonizing minutes between waking up Christmas morning and being allowed to open your presents. You... Read more

And just one more thing...

Manufacturing is a complex process. Few people would disagree with that. Quality in manufacturing is all about isolating complexities and reducing big challenges into a lot of little manageable tasks. Much of that reduction must be done at the manufacturer... Read more

Thanksgiving is over - How to prevent holiday induced design errors.

Whether you ate turkey, ham or squash, the feast is over. If you’re like me, a big meal and a holiday weekend make it rather difficult to re engage your work brain come Monday morning. Wait. Scratch that and reverse.... Read more

Top five reasons to outsource during the holidays

October, 2020 has passed, as has most of November. Just six minutes ago, it was August and we were all trying to remember whether we had had a summer or not. Time and space no longer have meaning. With that... Read more

Screaming Circuits COVID-19 Updates

Screaming Circuits has implemented a number of changes to allow safe operation under the conditions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these changes, as outlined below, may affect orders and delivery. COVID-19 imposed temporary changes to our terms and... Read more