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Tip of the Day: Keep your labels standard

(https://xkcd.com/927) Some schematics get a single designer, start to finish, some get put together by a team working simultaneously, and some get handed from one designer to another mid-stream. Consistency and discipline are always important in the design process, but... Read more

Mind blown moments: The Singularity

I’ve recently picked up “The End of Everything”, by theoretical cosmologist Katie Mack (@AstroKatie). I’m not done yet, but have already encountered a number of “mind blown” moments (MBM) in the book*. Today’s MBM relates to “the singularity.” Not the... Read more

The supply chain is still a mess - A few things you can do to help

I'm sure you are getting tired of us telling you that. We're certainly tired of saying it, but it is still the world we live in. It may not let up until the middle of next year. So, here it... Read more

Life in the Supply Chain Lane

Sometimes the (seemingly) simplest of projects come with the same problems you'd expect to find in the most complex projects. At various times in my 15 years here (That seems like a long time. I think I’d feel better calling... Read more

Screaming Circuits in Space

Between reusable rockets, rovers and helicopters on Mars and massive satellite constellations, the world of (world of??) space exploration is full of excitement these days. Oregon, where we live, is getting in on the action too. Screaming Circuits builds boards... Read more

A look back on our Supply Chain challenges from the year 2031

Like most of us, I’ve been living in a start/stop, forward/backwards world for the last year and a few months. I can’t tell if the pandemic is closer to being over or if the light at the end of the... Read more

What Can You Do About Parts Shortages

I hate to put such a grim face on things, but the supply chain is a mess. There is no way to sugar coat it - a coating of sugar may make things taste better, but it mucks up the... Read more

Happy April Joule's Day

Celebrating April Joule’s Day! A Few Words from Sara Shepherd, Screaming Circuits Contributing Author... Today is April 1st - happy April Joules Day! That’s no joke. Today we’re celebrating the unit of energy called the “joule” and the English physicist... Read more

And now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled "Fun with LEDs" Programming

Fun with LEDs, from the Screaming Makers LEDs are one of our favorite subjects here in the Screaming Circuits blog. Between inconsistent marking and... Well, it's mostly about inconsistent marking. In fact (or maybe in opinion), LEDs are one of... Read more

Supply Chain - Again...

This is just getting worse, folks. The way our supply chain experts describe the situation to me: "There are parts shortages all over." That pretty much sums it up. The situation is unpredictable, dynamic and kind of ugly. So, what... Read more