Screaming Circuits: Layout


Can you Combine Panelization Techniques?

Yes. As a matter of fact, you can. This example - our "You Do You" motion activated lapel pin for the 2020 Open Source Hardware summit in New York City, March 13 says that you can. You can find all... Read more

Yes. Even in 2020, footprints still matter

In designing my YouDoYou lapel pin for the upcoming Open Source Hardware Summit (March 13, 2020 in New York city), I had a couple of firsts. This was my first design using a lot of 0201 passives and this was... Read more

Edge Mount Rf Connectors

Some parts just look cooler than others. I really like the super tiny WLCSP (wafer level chip scale package) BGAs that some newer ARM microcontroller and power components come in. They not only fit the "smaller is cooler" mantra, but... Read more

All Done and Ready to Go! Or is It?

Most of what I write about here on the Screaming Circuits blog relates to DFM (design for manufacturing) and PCB layout best practices. Being in the business of prototype and on demand manufacturing (POD), we are frequently exposed to the... Read more

PCB Design Tip of the Day: Connectors - Which Side is Up?

PCB Design Tip of the Day: Ensure Connector Locations & Orientations are Correct Connectors, especially thru-hole connectors, present opportunities for error in both layout and in assembly. First, it's not always obvious to the PCB layout specialist which side of... Read more

PCB Design Tip of the Day

There’s nothing like a good synonym roll, just like Grammar used to make. AKA Semantics do matter in schematics, especially when dealing with multi-page schematic diagrams, reusing schematic sections or working on a team project. Tip of the day: Use... Read more

PCB Design Tip of the Day

It's often the little things, the seemingly obvious small traps that leap out and bite two weeks later. Mark, PCB design expert from our San Diego PCB Phoenix office has another piece of advice for you when getting your schematic... Read more

PCB Design Tip of the Day

Where do the PCB Design errors grow? A lot has to happen before a PC board gets into an end user's hands - many different processes and people are involved in getting a device designed and built. The more people... Read more

No Open Vias in or near pads

The term "via" probably comes from the Latin word meaning "road." Therefore, open via would essentially mean "open road." Open roads, here in Oregon sometimes run through open range ranch land. That means that cows have as much right to... Read more

Downsizing with SnapEDA

Earlier this year we built the electronic badges for the Open Source Hardware Summit. The badge was very nice as is, but I extended it with a LiPoly battery pack of my own design. The badges were assembled in our... Read more