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30-second Philosophy - Wait or Rev Part 2

When you sell a house, the offer they make sounds great until you realize that the big number gets a lot smaller after accounting for replacing the roof, digging out the 60-year-old heating oil tank and fixing the 80-year-old plumbing.... Read more

Quoting PCB Assembly got you down?

In five years, plenty of new chip fabs will be online and we'll be able to buy those microcontrollers again. Of course, the brand new AugInt drive chips will still be hard to come by, but what breakthrough new technology... Read more

30-Second Philosophy - Wait or Rev

Ever have your brain interpret what you are writing as something completely different from your intent - as you are writing it? Or is that just me? Clearly, the title of this post is meant to describe this post as... Read more

Why are we here, revisited

In December, 2018, I wrote the first "Why are we here?" post in this series. December, 2018 was about one year before we, in the electronics manufacturing business, started hearing about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on distant suppliers.... Read more

Weekend Wisdom with Screaming Circuits

Some Fridays are just more "Fridayish" than others. And by "Fridayish" I mean that it's been a long week and most of the day is spent with an overtone of "5:00 can't get here soon enough." Today isn't one of... Read more

30 second Philosophy, December 2021 Edition

I've been largely working from home for the last 20 months. On the one hand, much of my job can be done effectively from anywhere in the world with fast and reliable Internet. The video conferencing systems are quite good... Read more

30 second philosophy, October 2021 edition

Ever wonder if the outside world operates like your brain does? Philosophy is the age old branch of study that, in my mind, best attempts to answer this question. Another way to put that is: "Weird things pop into my... Read more

Mind blown moments: The Singularity

I’ve recently picked up “The End of Everything”, by theoretical cosmologist Katie Mack (@AstroKatie). I’m not done yet, but have already encountered a number of “mind blown” moments (MBM) in the book*. Today’s MBM relates to “the singularity.” Not the... Read more

Life in the Supply Chain Lane

Sometimes the (seemingly) simplest of projects come with the same problems you'd expect to find in the most complex projects. At various times in my 15 years here (That seems like a long time. I think I’d feel better calling... Read more

A look back on our Supply Chain challenges from the year 2031

Like most of us, I’ve been living in a start/stop, forward/backwards world for the last year and a few months. I can’t tell if the pandemic is closer to being over or if the light at the end of the... Read more