Screaming Circuits: Announcements


Screaming Circuits COVID-19 Updates

Screaming Circuits has implemented a number of changes to allow safe operation under the conditions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these changes, as outlined below, may affect orders and delivery. COVID-19 imposed temporary changes to our terms and... Read more

Update on Wildfires and Screaming Circuits

Update for Thursday, September 24 The air is clear again, rain has fallen and we are back to 100% capacity. However we are not yet back to full-speed. At one point, during the worst of the crisis, we had fires... Read more

Bulletin - Screaming Circuits COVID-19 Impact and Response

This article will be continually updated with our most current status. Screaming Circuits is open to support your manufacturing needs. As of June 2, 2020: Important but unchanged: We delivering orders on-time 98% of the time Our factory is up... Read more

Temporary Suspension of Delivery Guarantee

As promised, Screaming Circuits has kept a close watch on the spread of the Coronavirus and its impact on the world of electronics manufacturing. The situation is changing rapidly and we now need to make some adjustments to keep our... Read more

Prepping - Risk Mitigation

As of this writing, Screaming Circuits has not seen much impact from Coronavirus caused supply chain issues. However, we are keeping a close eye on the situation and have a graduated response plan. Our objective is to minimize the impact... Read more

The Screaming Circuits Sunstone Circuits Open Source "YDY" Lapel Pin

Are you going the the Open Hardware Conference in New York (March 13, 2020)? If you are, you can get your hands on the Screaming Circuits / Sunstone Circuits "You Do You" electronic lapel pin. If you are not going... Read more

Tip of The Day - For the Engineer's Desk

That one weird trick... Working at home can be a nice break, or it can be a chore. Regardless, it is a change and change can lead to problems or unintended consequences. When you set up your home workstation, bring... Read more


Update: The calendars are on the way! you would like one, or more, just email with your postal address, and we will make sure you get one. (while supplies last) They are large, and glossy and super dorky, and... Read more

Buddy the Board Takes a Trip

All of our assembly work for Screaming Circuits takes place right here in Canby, Oregon and most of our blank PCBs are built by Sunstone Circuits, ten miles away, in Mulino, Oregon. But that doesn't mean that we aren't a... Read more

The taxes, they are a-changin'

What's that? Sales tax on the Internet, you say? Unfortunately, very soon we will have to say that. Due to a recent Supreme Court ruling, the internet is no longer a sales tax-free zone. Actually, it never was. It's just... Read more