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Weekend Wisdom and Your Workspace

Weekend Wisdom and Your Workspace, or: What do you have on your desk?

I was involved in an interesting discussion the other day about workspace cleanliness. It seems there are about three main camps (and a million smaller ones):

  1. Folks that must have a clean workspace, with about the only things visible being work that is being worked on right now (too much "work" in this one).
  2. Those for whom clutter is not an issue.
  3. People who are bothered by clutter but don't do anything about it.

Myself, I seem to be in camp C. I don't like clutter. It can get on my nerves and bother me, but my skill set for creating a messy desk is far greater than my skill set for filing things away. I'm happiest when my garage workbench is clean, well organized, and every tool and supply is politely in its place - easy to find, use and put back. The same with my work-from-home computer workstation in the main house.

However, if I were to show you a picture of either, you likely would not believe me. I can reach the soldering iron and solder spool out on my work bench, but parts and compute modules, metal devices and 3D printed parts, wires and reels are all heaped in trash-like mounds. My desk inside is a bit better, but I have hard drives, thumb drives, PCBAs, proto boards and an assortment of wire and cables in view. I can still see desk surface, but not nearly as much as I would like.

My home office desk 12

My desk at the office, used part-time these days, is quite a bit cleaner, but there is a decorum factor involved with that one. Now that I'm thinking about it in more detail, I may be a B. Or halfway between B and C. That's the problem with trying too hard to categorize people. Most of us are shades of many things.

I do find that when I'm stuck on something a few minutes of fiddling with one of my PC boards, pushing buttons or turning on a Neo Pixel display and watching glowy things helps me get back to focus. When I'm in the office and brain-stuck, I get up, don my anti-static gear and wander through the shop floor looking at all of the boards being built.

So, where do you fall A, B or C? And how does clutter affect your productivity? Do you fit a different category at a home office vs. in the company's space? And does a certain type of clutter help (like it does for me) or does it all help?

Duane Benson
I will give you five bonus points (that you can do nothing with) for each item on my desk you correctly identify

And if, you please, help me out by going to our manufacturing e-commerce page, getting a quote, placing an order and sending a job in so I can continue to see interesting electronics being built.


I like the idea of an orderly work space, but I don't do what it takes to keep things orderly.

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