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Weekend Wisdom and The Remote Work Debate

Like many of us, I've been following the "return to the office" or "remain remote" debate. My place of work has settled into a hybrid situation. People physically running our machines have to be here because those machines require a physical presence. For jobs that don't require someone to actually touch equipment or parts, such as engineering services and office work, we pretty much allow the employee to decide. It's worked out quite well for us. In many cases, productivity seems to be up.

Certainly more gets done in the mornings and end of day than in the old days. I find that people in morning meetings are much cheerier when they can roll out of bed and be working in 15 minutes instead of spending an hour getting ready and 45 minutes in a stressful commute. I do expect that some people are not well suited for working at home and are less productive. But the 20160923_170612opposite is true of many folks as well. There certainly are a few for whom the bustle of the office is a source of constant distraction and interruption.

For my part, I have a very comfortable work space at home. I'm a bit of a "method actor" in that, while my job is marketing, my hobby is electronics. I design boards and write firmware. Sometimes I hand solder and sometimes I'm able to have my factory build the boards. I have to say, that is a form of privilege that few people have. As long as what I design is worthy of showing to potential customers or giving out at a tradeshow, I can have some built here. That gives me incentive to design more complex devices or use smaller size components, and it allows me to show the company's work without compromising customer confidentiality.

I've known many people over my career for whom the line is blurred between hobby and vocation. It's great fun, but it can also lead to excessive work. For those of you who, like me, have a self-blurred line and a great home work space, do you feel like working at home is more relaxed, or do you find that you just keep going and even put time in over the weekend?

Certainly, as an on-demand manufacturer with an e-commerce platform, my company caters to such blurring of lines. We do get most of our quotes and orders during "conventional" work hours, but are seeing more evening and weekend web activity these days. A part of me thinks that the concept of "conventional work hours" is changing, and that can be both good and bad. We all need work to not work boundaries, but what if we just get the job done, as we are compensated for, but get it done under our own terms? Is that good or bad? Food for thought.

And speaking of that e-commerce platform, when you get back in Monday, jump over to it and quote your PCB assembly job. You could do that over the weekend, but, you know... work life balance and all.

Duane Benson
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