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On-demand PCB Assembly and Electronics manufacturing

What is on-demand manufacturing, and why is it so important these days? Well, to begin, on-demand manufacturing is about allowing you to work and prioritize based on your schedule, not ours, and to allow you to get a quote and hit that "order" button when you are ready instead of only when we are ready.

Realistically, on-demand ordering is what we do when we want to buy stuff anywhere these days. You go online if you want to order something on your terms (like at screamingcircuits.com) or you run hop in the car and drive to to store if you need a more structured purchase process (like our EMS parent company, milwaukeeelectronics.com).

By going  to our quote page, you can get your quote and order your assembly service (or request a formal quote if you need to follow a formal approval process) 24/7. I'm pretty partial to our own PCB assembly services (and I’m also partial to those of our fab partner, Sunstone Circuits), but a lot of companies are in the on-demand business. We hope you send your projects our way, but the important thing is that you can order just about anything you need on your own time these days. We’ve been making sure that PCB assembly is in the set of "online orderable" since 2003. (nearly 20 years as of tis writing).

That leads to my recommendation for the weekend. I suggest that if you're done, close up your design now and start your completion checklist. If you're not quite done yet, Close it up anyway and come back to it on Monday and after it’s finished, go through your completion checklist and then ad a few of our items to it:

  • If you are sending parts, make sure to put your quote/order number or job number clearly on the outside of your shipping box. We have a shelf for boxes we can't match with a job. You don't want your parts kit going there.
  • Double check that your part numbers are correct and match your reference designators.
  • And make sure that each part is individually packaged and is clearly marked with reference designators and or part numbers so that we can match it to the bill of materials.
  • Double check that you have put the most current file versions in your .ZIP file. I've violated this rule myself more than once. It leads to sadness.
  • Include intelligent CAD files if at all possible
  • If you are kitting your parts up, make sure your kit is organized and all parts are clearly marked (read more here).
  • Make sure to inspect any parts-drawer parts (read more here).
  • Give a thought to anything that might seem a bit ambiguous and do your best to document it. Ambiguity is the enemy of quality.

Once you are satisfied with your design package, hop over to our quote page, get a quote and place your order.

Then go enjoy your weekend.

Duane Benson
Ambiguity is not your friend. Unless you have a friend who's legal name is ambiguity. I think that would actually be kind of cool.


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