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Screaming Circuits "Teardown" Virtual Factory Tour

I make no secret of the fact that I'm a big fan of electronics. I've been around R's, C's, L's, Q's and U's long enough that the first PC boards I soldered up were hand etched by me with supplies I purchased from Radio Shack (anyone remember FeCl?). This isn't just a job for me - it's my passion. That makes me pretty lucky to work for an electronics manufacturer.

One of my favorite aspects of this job is talking about what we do. And, thanks to Helen Leigh at Crowd Supply, I recently got to do nearly an hour of that talking. Take the link below to see the full video. I talk about some of the boards I've designed and a few designed by others that we have assembled here at Screaming Circuits. Then, I take you on a virtual tour of our factory floor.

Teardown Session 28: Screaming Circuits tour

You too can get your electronics built in this factory. Just go over to screamingcircuits.com and quote your prototype PCB assembly.

Duane Benson



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