Screaming Circuits: May 2022


30-second Philosophy - Wait or Rev Part 2

When you sell a house, the offer they make sounds great until you realize that the big number gets a lot smaller after accounting for replacing the roof, digging out the 60-year-old heating oil tank and fixing the 80-year-old plumbing.... Read more

Fundamentals of Marketing - Marketing for the Engineer Entrepreneur

The language of the engineer and the marketeer don't always mix well. It's understandable. The two disciplines have different vocabulary sets and different objectives. To make matters worse, there is a lot of bad marketing floating out and about. Some... Read more

Quoting PCB Assembly got you down?

In five years, plenty of new chip fabs will be online and we'll be able to buy those microcontrollers again. Of course, the brand new AugInt drive chips will still be hard to come by, but what breakthrough new technology... Read more

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