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Parts Quoting - Features to Help

Our components supply chain is a mess. That's just the world we live in, but it doesn't mean any of us should stop designing and building cool and useful things. We're doing our best to find ways to make quoting and ordering your PCB assembly project easier and we've just added a few improvements to the Screaming Circuits online quote system for just that purpose.

Here are three new components quoting features that will make it easier to get to a price and get your boards on order.

Number one: Quoting multiple vendors

We query several components vendors when looking for the parts in your bill of materials. We do the searching and you get the best price and availability. This happens automatically, so you don't need to sort through the list and decide which distributor to use. We pick the best combination of price, delivery and MOQ (minimum order quantity).

Number two: Visible minimum order quantity:

Some components are only available with a minimum quantity purchase. We show you that so you will know ahead of time and won’t be surprised when you get the final quote. We don't just look at the piece price. If there is a minimum order quantity, we show that and the resulting price.

Number three: Real-time stock indicators

Of course, you can’t buy it if it’s not in stock. Our real-time stock indicators will show you the highest stocking amount we have found, and will display an icon - green for plenty, yellow for low stock and red for out of stock.


Once your design is done and your CAD files and BOM are ready, visit Screaming Circuits to see these parts quoting features in action.


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