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Why are we here, revisited

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In December, 2018, I wrote the first "Why are we here?" post in this series. December, 2018 was about one year before we, in the electronics manufacturing business, started hearing about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on distant suppliers. There wasn't much information, just a few signs that in hindsight were ominous warnings of things to come. December, 2018 is also pretty close to a year after our current supply chain crisis environment started, as evidenced by my April 27, 2018 post on the subject. We were told at the time that this was probably the worst period of shortages in decades and it might be years before it gets better. Got that right.

Back to "Why are we here?"... In that December post, I wrote about a car accident and electronics in a car I purchased that, had they been installed in the car that hit me, may have prevented, and most certainly would have at least reduced the severity of the accident. In many ways, the world of today seems completely different from 2018, or from 2016, when the accident occurred. However, the reasons we are here are remarkably similar.

I still drive a car with automatic braking and other safety-related electronics. The supply chain is still driving us all crazy. Engineers are still designing awesome electronics and we still do our best to build those electronics as fast and reliably as is possible. Despite all of the distractions in the world around us, we are all just trying to design and build cool and useful stuff. That's not a bad world to live in and not really all that different from 2018.

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