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What’s in store for you in 2022

As is tradition, I’ve put together my thoughts on what we have to look forward to in the new year. Uncertainty abounds and I know we all are looking for answers. That’s fine, but when I sat down to write about what’s up for 2022, all I could come up with is: Don’t know. Don’t care. I just want to build some circuit boards.

I don’t know what the future holds, and we pretty much all know where we are right now, so no need to go rehashing of supply chain or other woes. But I do know how you can get your boards built. Let’s just get moving on those prototypes.

3-DSC_0010Step one: Take a moment to reassess your needs. This is the time to think long and hard about “want” vs. “need.” One of the best things you can do in times of supply chain challenge is stay away from feature creep and keep to what you really need.

Two: Give it an extra design review step. You probably have it done right, but it never hurts to take another look. Get out your checklist (You do have a design review checklist. Right?) and walk through it line by line. Maybe even get someone to look over your shoulder.

This should include the design and layout. It's pretty common to make a component package change during layout, so double check that your footprints match and that you updated your BOM to reflect any component part number changes.

Three: Now that you’re confident in the design, give your documentation package a review. Make sure you haven’t accidentally tossed in any old version files. Make sure that your BOM is complete and up to date - all of your part numbers have all the characters, even suffixes.

Be aware that making any updates to your CAD software without intentionally changing the design or layout can cause problems too. I once got into trouble by making an edit to the silk screen on a PCB. I had updated the CAD software, which came with some library updates, between completing the design and making the silk screen change. The update hit one of my footprints and messed up my layout. An additional review step would have caught that.

Four: Pop over to screamingcircuits.com, get a quote and place your order. Open the chat window if you have any questions or need help. Let us build your boards so you can keep your project moving.

Also, given that it’s early January, I’ll mention that while the Lunar New Year falls January 31 - to February 15th, Screaming Circuits buys components from distributors here in the U.S., so we rarely see any delays due to that two week holiday.

Duane Benson
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