Screaming Circuits: January 2022


LED Polarity - Still

Some things never cease to astound me. A lot can go wrong in a product design cycle. Creating a good layout from a complex schematic is a difficult enough job as is, but when component marking logic leaves the building,... Read more

Weekend Wisdom with Screaming Circuits

Some Fridays are just more "Fridayish" than others. And by "Fridayish" I mean that it's been a long week and most of the day is spent with an overtone of "5:00 can't get here soon enough." Today isn't one of... Read more

Pinouts, Package Changes and Subs

With so many components on allocation, having extended lead times or simply not available, minor re-design is the popular task of the day. MCUs can often be replaced with another family member and most passives and power components have options... Read more

What’s in store for you in 2022

As is tradition, I’ve put together my thoughts on what we have to look forward to in the new year. Uncertainty abounds and I know we all are looking for answers. That’s fine, but when I sat down to write... Read more

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