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A WOMAN SCORNED...My washing machine talks to Alexa, and I am not happy about it.

My washing machine talks to Alexa, and I am not happy about it. Recently, I thought I would tip by toes into “adulting”. I bought a brand new washer and dryer. While the Westinghouse originals were sturdy work horses, these new fangled ones are silver, sleek and worst of all, smart.

The washing machine air-dries itself to avoid mold. The dryer looks like some sort of pod you could live in should there be trouble. I would imagine the electronics are a work of art.


You should know, I work in the electronics manufacturing industry. I have watched fellow teammates literally build PCB’s that are, right now, on Mars. Until you have hundreds of capacitors, resistors and BGA’s in one adorable laundry solution at home, it’s hard to wrap your head around the symphony of it all. I do laundry all the time now.

Here’s my problem; the washing machine, which I have named Maxine, has a well that you can use to dump 50oz of detergent in it all at once. You add the clothes, it “senses” how much detergent you need based on the weight, and then gently oozes said goo into the machine and there ya go. A clean load of laundry. When the washing machine – again “knows” that I am running dangerously low on detergent, it is apparently smart enough to send you some sort of announcement. “Hello? Yes, this is the washing machine, you need more Tide”.   Which is fine. It’s advanced. It’s innovative. It’s creepy.

Then, Alexa (shhhh, I am not talking to you!) sends me a notification. During the holidays, we get lots of information from her. A package delivered, a package was ordered, a package is stuck in the Suez Canal, you’ll get it when you get it. And my all-time favorite, “You recently purchased candles. Would you like to review them?” No, this woman tells me SHE ordered Tide because my washing machine told her to!?

Now I have questions:

Since when? Since when does this machine order consumables on my behalf? And where’d SHE get the money? And what card is she using? And, who does she think she is?


Since a few years ago, genius.

Since she can, and she will.

She doesn’t have money.

She has your money.

She’s a robot. And so is Maxine. So fine. I hope Alexa (No! Not you!) and Maxine are very happy together.

-Megan Lammers, Marketing Communications Manager

Milwaukee Electronics

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