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30 second Philosophy, December 2021 Edition

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I've been largely working from home for the last 20 months. On the one hand, much of my job can be done effectively from anywhere in the world with fast and reliable Internet. The video conferencing systems are quite good now and the mind meld seems to work just about as well with a digital conduit as with open air. On the other hand, the lack of actual three dimensional perspective does seem to have rewired my brain in a few ways. Mostly around the passage of time.

On an intellectual level, I clearly know that days, months and seasons are passing. On a subconscious level, the clock and calendar both seem to have drifted into digital systems. The count of days, months and years on a calendar is gone. I'm now left in a tri-state system with the set of identifiers being enumerated as: today, tomorrow and I really don't know. Hours have become true binary in state: I'm awake or I'm not awake.

And on that note, you still have work to do, as do we. Our work would be assembling PCBs for you, so head to ScreamingCircuits.com and get an online quote now.

Duane Benson
You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I still exist?" Well, do you, engineer?


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