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Scam alert in the components world

As if there aren't enough challenges for all of us right now, we have been receiving reports of scammers impersonating legitimate component suppliers. They claim to have hard to get parts available, but just take your money and give nothing in return.

These scammers may reach out via email and may have a legitimate-sounding website address. They will use names that seem real, sometimes even putting the name of a genuine component manufacturer in their name and using logos from real companies. They almost always ask for prepayment in the form of a wire transfer. 

The supply chain information organization, ERAI, has posited a number of blog articles on the subject:

Hundreds of Component Buyers Scammed by Fraudulent Websites (erai.com)

Scammers Impersonate Digi-Key to Defraud Buyers (erai.com)

The ERAI (www.erai.com) gives the following advice:

  1. Assume all unsolicited emails are fraudulent!
  2. Verify the identity of the company and individual you are communicating with by contacting the company via their authentic URL (e.g. www.digikey.com). Type the web address into your browser - don’t click on any links in a suspect email
  3. Speak with a supplier representative by phone by dialing only the phone number identified on the verified corporate website prior to making wire transfer payments to confirm the order and to confirm the wire transfer instructions. 

Screaming Circuits only uses suppliers that we have vetted for legitimacy. If you have any concerns about component supply, reach out to your Screaming Circuits customer service rep and let us help

Duane Benson
Let's be careful out there


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