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30 second philosophy, October 2021 edition

Small volume parts on pick and placeEver wonder if the outside world operates like your brain does? Philosophy is the age old branch of study that, in my mind, best attempts to answer this question. Another way to put that is: "Weird things pop into my head. Is it just me?" With that in mind, here are a few short-subject philosophical questions for you to ponder between emails.

0b0000     Decimal is called "base-10" because there are ten steps before it rolls over to using two digits. Binary is called "base-2" because there are two steps before the rollover. But 10 binary equals 2 in decimal, so shouldn't binary also be called "base-10"?

0b0001     People talk about "the slippery slope" as if it is a bad thing. What if it's not? I live in the Pacific Northwest where snow skiing is a popular winter pastime. It doesn't really work without a slippery slope.

0b0010    I have a problem with the word "GIF." I've always pronounced GIF with a soft G like Gym, but recently there seems to be a lot of a militancy in the design community toward pronouncing GIF with a hard G like there is in Golf. Many pundits seem to be quick to point out that if I pronounce GIF like Jiff, then I would need to pronounce Gosh like Josh and that would lead to such horrors as pronouncing Gym like Jim and... um. Never mind.

Duane Benson
Perspective is an interesting concept: In the land of the insane, only the sane are crazy.

With that in mind, jump over to screamingcircuits.com and see what it takes to get some prototypes built.






Now, that would just be too logical.

Perhaps you should pronounce the G in GIF for the word the letter G in the acronym GIF actually represents. Is it Gym, Golf, or Graphic?

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