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Tip of the Day: Keep your labels standard

Some schematics get a single designer, start to finish, some get put together by a team working simultaneously, and some get handed from one designer to another mid-stream. Consistency and discipline are always important in the design process, but even more so with multiple people involved.

Ideally, you will have a set of standards guidelines to ensure that net names and reference designator schema are constant from designer to designer. Just make sure that the standards are actually standard. The "standard" you used at your last job may not be the same "standard" used in your current place of work. Even with all of the checks and balances before a design gets to us, we still see the effects of non-standard standards.

To designer A and designer B, working on the same team, "R1" and "R01" may very well be the same thing, but to a pick-and-place assembly robot, they are not. Net names "GND" and "Ground" may be the same in a designer's mind, but are not the same thing to a CAD software package or to a PCB fab house CAM department.

Little things like this matter and can lead to costly errors later down the process. With that in mind, you can get a quote or talk with our web chat specialist at screamingcircuits.com.

Duane Benson
Standard is as standard does



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