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Screaming Circuits in Space

Between reusable rockets, rovers and helicopters on Mars and massive satellite constellations, the world of (world of??) space exploration is full of excitement these days. Oregon, where we live, is getting in on the action too. Screaming Circuits builds boards that go up and out, but due to the nature of our business, we can't often talk about it. One project we can talk about is the Portland State Aerospace Society's OreSat project.

What it is:

Screaming Circuits has assembled three boards that will be on Oregon's first satellite. That’s right.. Portland State Aerospace Society has recently finished assembling a small educational satellite called CubeSats which are very small (10cm x 10 cm x 10cm).

OreSat Cubes will get a free ride from NASA to the International Space Station and from there it will be shot out of the side of the space station to begin its orbit. OreSat will pass some 4,000 times around the globe before it burns up in Earth’s atmosphere.


How it works-

During OreSats time in orbit, the satellite will be able to point at participating high schools and beam back live video images from space. So how will students be able to receive these images?

What they will need is to build their own Handheld Ground Station (HGS) which will be capable of receiving images transmitted from OreSat in Low Earth Orbit. It seems technical but the HGS is designed to be inexpensive, simple to use and easy to assemble that can be built by any student. With just a mobile phone application to locate OreSat, you aim the antenna to get the best possible signal and then the live images are than received by the ground station. If you want to learn more about the Hand-Held Ground Station, click here -> https://www.oresat.org/technologies/ground-stations

Psu 2

The Team

Currently the team working on OreSat consists mainly of students, but also current and retired engineers. They are being led by Adjunct Professor Andrew Greenberg who is an advisor for the Portland State Aerospace Society

How can you help?

If you are interested in helping feel free to click this link on ways you can help these students achieve great things -> https://www.oresat.org/get-involved

When does all this happen?

The first Cubesat, pictured above, is schedule to leave the ground on June 24, 2021. The next version will head out April 30, 2022.


In Space, nobody can hear your circuits scream.

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