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Nationwide Weather Delays - and, yes we can quote your PCBs

Update, Feb 23, 2021 - It is getting better. We now have on-line PCB fab quoting for one week or longer fab quotes. Faster turns are available with a phone call or email (1-866-784-5887 or email sales@screamingcircuits.com). Faster turns will be available online soon.

We are still seeing shipping delays into and out of much of the country. Most of the bad weather has passed, but the shipping companies are still working to catch up.

Older news:

As if we didn't have enough going on, much of the country is experiencing extreme weather delays. Components shipping is delayed in to our plant from a number of states. Finished assembly shipping out of our plant is also being delayed by weather.

Please note that we ARE able to quote PCB fab for turn-key orders. Unfortunately we are only quoting fab over the phone or email, not online.

The error message during the quote process is awkward. If you are quoting online, select the option to "skip fabrication sourcing." Then you can complete the quote for assembly and parts. During the checkout process, you will have an opportunity to add "PROJECT NOTES." Please write in this notes field that you need us to contact you for a fab quote.

Or just go ahead and call 1-866-784-5887 or email sales@screamingcircuits.com. Have your quote/order number handy if you have already quoted assembly and parts.

We appreciate your patience



Dear Screaming Circuits,

I am looking to start a quoting processes on two PCB boards. What information would I need to send you to move forward on this?

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