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Supply Chain Challenges are Back

Time to prepare for shortages
Shortages and price increases are hitting the supply chain again. Some of the greatest effects are occurring in raw materials used in PCB fab and metal fabrication. Silicon components and capacitors are also showing increases in lead times and pricing.
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Prototype supply will be affected too
While smaller prototype volumes may seem less likely to be affected, that may not be the case. As in past periods of allocations, some whole categories of components may come in and out of stock with little notice. To better prepare you should:
  • Move to smaller passive component sizes if possible. Suppliers will often allocate more fab time on the smaller package sizes due to the lower raw materials content.
  • Double check your bill of materials to make sure the components you have selected are available at your chosen distributors as the last thing you do before sending your files in for an order.
  • Be ready with substitution options. Quick response to our request for a substitution can save days in the build process.
We are Here To Help
During times like this, it is important to keep in close contact with your manufacturer. If you are a customer of our EMS division, Milwaukee Electronics, keep in close contact with your EMS Program Manager to manage supply and lead times. We may recommend changes in purchasing volumes and forecasts to mitigate risk.
Read the full text of our Supply Chain Bulletin here.
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