PCB Assembly Services - Screaming Circuits: 24 and 48 hour turn-times temporally unavailable


24 and 48 hour turn-times temporally unavailable

For me, the wait between last save in my CAD software and having the assembled boards in hand to test is a lot like those agonizing minutes between waking up Christmas morning and being allowed to open your presents. You can see the wrapped boxes under the tree. You know there is something awesome inside - maybe a new Oculus - but in the back of your mind, you know it could be underwear or a sweater that you'll never wear.

It's worse with a prototype PCB. I always start second guessing last-minute design changes right after I've sent it off to be built. I'll imagine design flaws or oversights. Sometimes I'll even reopen the design in my CAD just to torture myself.

We know that with your designs, it is also your business and your product schedule at stake. This is why it hurts so much when we are unable to meet a delivery promise. We want to deliver working boards when you need them. That is our mission.

Unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves in a setting such that we can't deliver those quick-turn boards. Right now is such a time. Our factory is full and we would rather compromise on speed than on quality. For now, we are not able to offer 24 and 48 hour turn-times. We don't have an exact end date, but this will probably remain through the end of the year.

If you have questions about your current or future orders, please reach out to your customer service representative or use our web chat. We will update this blog post when we can again deliver the quick-turn jobs.

sales@screamingcircuits.com or (866)784-5887

Duane Benson


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