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Top five reasons to outsource during the holidays

October, 2020 has passed, as has most of November. Just six minutes ago, it was August and we were all trying to remember whether we had had a summer or not. Time and space no longer have meaning. With that being the case, it’s important to note that 2021 will not be a leap year as was 2020.

For those of you born before Julius Caesar was president and messed up the calendar, this means that next year, you will have one fewer day to get your projects completed. Unfortunately, no one has bothered to reduce our responsibilities commensurate with the shorter year. You still need to put the same number of parts into your design and get the same number of prototypes built and running. And that is why we are here to help. Here are five reasons to let us do the difficult work this holiday season.

0b0001: Instead of counting and recounting all of the tiny surface mount parts you need soldered on the board, you can count and recount the number of relatives that will or will not be attending your Thanksgiving dinner.

0b0010: If you’re a designer and not a layout specialist, the thought of routing a pair of 676 ball Xilinx BGAs along with several high speed differential signals can just throw a pall over your impending ham and turkey feast. Our San Diego PCB Design group routes complex BGAs like most people eat mashed potatoes and gravy.

With them doing the layout and us building the protos, you are free expend all of your brain cycles on a little time off.

Rover2020 angle 1280

0b0011: Instead of soldering, parlay time in extended video meetings into relaxation with the TV. With your prototypes being safely built by us, you can volunteer to sit on various corporate committees. No one will know that you’re watching “Barney Miller” reruns on a side monitor. Just be careful if you’re asked to screen share that schedule spreadsheet you’re pretending to work on.

0b0100: Reduce your stress level. If your prototypes are working and you’re tasked with getting a few thousand productions board built, but don’t have six months to a year to spin up a contract manufacturer, talk to Screaming Circuits about Choice-Production service. It takes the burden off you and lets you get your production builds out the door without any long term commitments required.

0b0101: Speaking of long-term commitments, if you do need a contract manufacturer that will be around long enough to support your long-term needs, our parent, Milwaukee Electronics has been building products since 1954.

Every year we survey our customers to see how we are doing and see what’s happening in their world. The majority said that little has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most folks are still designing electronics devices, and still need to get those designs built. Even with the world seemingly in chaos, the core of what we do stays - and that is the real reason we are here to help.

Regardless of where you are in the design cycle, we have the capabilities you need:

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