PCB Assembly Services - Screaming Circuits: IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE - AUGUST 2020



Monthly COVID Updates will appear on our Blog at the end of each month.

To the Milwaukee Electronics Family:

Autumn is upon us, and we continue to work at near full capacity with our staff
at-the-ready in this current business environment. This includes a return to the

Living with COVID-19 does not change our mission of Perfect Product. What
you want, when you want it. As always, we are monitoring all health authority
advisories and trends, as well as all current supply chain constraints.

As a family, here at Milwaukee Electronics, we have as a group, started to
notice some positive unintentional consequences of this pandemic. Among
those, includes our quest for the constant updating of any supply chain issue.
We are expecting change, especially now, and finding there is little to
report. While "little to report" is a good thing for all of us, we recognize change
may be around the corner. In that case, we will always immediately alert you.

In our facilities, self-policing with regard to masks and social distance has
become another part of our company culture. While frustrating at first, our staff
has become comfortable with the one-way hallway to lunch, as one example.

Even though we eat lunch with our teammates at separate tables, the
comradery continues!

Staff who are working from home, are finally getting over the "camera shy"
aspects of video meetings and some have even enjoyed meeting fellow
teammates' four-legged extended family members.

We are finding positive unintentional consequences here at our facilities and in
our homes, and we hope you are too!

Stay healthy, and if you have any questions, please reach out to your Program


The COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak is no doubt contained in Cina but it affects the whole world very badly. Now it seems unlikely this will be the black swan event that causes a global recession, but it will probably delay the robust recovery many were predicting for Q1 2020 in the electronics industry.

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