PCB Assembly Services - Screaming Circuits: Temporary Suspension of Delivery Guarantee


Temporary Suspension of Delivery Guarantee


As promised, Screaming Circuits has kept a close watch on the spread of the Coronavirus and its impact on the world of electronics manufacturing.

The situation is changing rapidly and we now need to make some adjustments to keep our workforce safe, do our part to help contain the spread of the virus and serve as many of you as is possible. Thus, we are temporarily suspending our delivery guarantee.

Unless the situation escalates, we will still honor the delivery guarantee for any jobs that we have confirmed on or before March 17, 2020 and are covered by the guarantee. From March 18 forward, we will do our best to meet your requested turn-time, but we are unable to guarantee a delivery date.

Here are a few things you can do to help us get your boards built as quickly as possible:

First, make sure your after hours contact information is up to date with us. We work 24 hours, 6 or 7 days a week. If we have questions, we may need to contact you at 3:00 am on a Saturday. The sooner we can get an answer, the sooner we can get back to building your boards.

  • Double check your bill of materials and other files for accuracy before sending them our way. 70% or more of the file sets we get require some sort of clarification before we proceed. The less time we spend clarifying, the more time we have to process and build.
  • Wash your hands frequently and, like your parents said, don’t touch your nose.
  • If you are sending a kit, double check that you have included the correct parts, and enough parts to cover machine attrition. See our parts kit requirements and our 10/10/10 policy.
  • Be aware of your condition and help keep the at-extra-risk populations safe. It’s not just about us. We are all in this together.

We will keep you updated with our newsletter and blog posts. We ask for and appreciate your patience while this health crisis lasts.

Duane Benson
Social distancing? Bring back hoop skirts for everyone!



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