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Bulletin - Screaming Circuits COVID-19 Impact and Response

This article will be continually updated with our most current status.

Screaming Circuits  is open to support your manufacturing needs.

As of March 30, 2020:

What's new:

  • We are no longer accepting in-person kit drop offs, nor will-call pickups. Everything needs to come and go via UPS or FedEx.

Important but unchanged:

  • Our factory is up and running with full capacity available and only experiencing minor delays. All employees that can work remote are doing so.
  • Electronics directly directly related to diagnostics and treatment of COVID-19 will be given priority. Please let us know if you are requesting COVID-19 medical electronics.
  • If you are working from home and need an alternate delivery address, please let your customer service rep know as soon as possible.

More detail:

  • We have temporarily suspended our delivery guarantee (read more here).
  • Turn-time gets you priority and our best efforts.
  • Most jobs are shipping on time.

Our priority through this crisis is to keep our workforce safe and continue to serve our customers. We have enacted COVID-19 response best practices, including aggressive cleaning, work from home where possible, and social distancing to ensure that we will continue to be able to meet both of those objectives.

  • For the latest status update for our Milwaukee Electronics EMS division, please see: blog.milwaukeeelectronics.com.
  • For the latest status updates for our San Diego PCB Design PCB layout group, please see: sdpcb.com/blog.

According to the most recent Federal Government guidance, as stated in the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity-Infrastructure guidelines, manufacturing is a part of the “essential critical infrastructure” workforce during the COVID-19 response. More information is available at: www.cisa.gov/publication/guidance-essential-critical-infrastructure-workforce


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