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Tip of The Day - For the Engineer's Desk

That one weird trick...

Working at home can be a nice break, or it can be a chore. Regardless, it is a change and change can lead to problems or unintended consequences. When you set up your home workstation, bring home a grounding mat, make sure your grounding strap isn't inside out, keep the food and drink a safe distance away and don't be afraid to rearrange if things aren't quite working out.

My personal (as in at home) electronics work bench is in my garage while my desk computer is in the main house (burglars, please do not take note of that). Separating the two types of workstations makes a lot of sense, but can lead to some unintended consequences.

Back when I did my soldering inside on the same desk as my PC (can you say "lead contamination"), I would regularly pull up datasheets or my own build instructions on the computer when hand soldering up PC boards. It was nice and convenient, but as indicated by my parenthetical, wasn't the healthiest of arrangements.

For a while after moving my soldering out to the garage, I printed out my datasheets and instructions. That worked quite well most of the time, but could fall short if I needed a reference that I hadn't thought of when back in the house at my desk. Plus, there is the whole killing trees thing.

An old monitor, a wall-mount and a Raspberry Pi solved that problem. It's small, cheap, and easy to keep out of the way. Now I can easily pull up whatever data sheet I need and no longer have to waste paper or leave a hot soldering iron unattended to run in and print something.

What personal tricks do you have to make your engineering life easier. Also, if you would like to have your desk featured in our upcoming Engineer's-Desk calendar, hop on over to this blog post for details.

Duane Benson
Power companies don't want you to know...


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