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We Are Hiring

We are hiring a customer support rep

Can you do web chat? Would you like to help engineers get their electronics projects built? Would you appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow your electronics skills?

1. Do you know a little electronics or a lot?

  • You would be helping electronics engineers.

2. Is the resistor and the capacitor your friend?

  • You would be talking about electronics.

3. Are you trying to get into the electronics industry but don't have an engineering degree?

  • You would have a lot of ways to grow here.

We are looking for a web chat sales support rep to help those engineers understand what we can do for them, get quotes and place orders online. If this sounds like you, drop to our careers page (It's on our parent company site, Milwaukee Electronics) and apply here for the web chat position.

Screaming Circuits is an e-commerce custom electronics manufacturer. We build things that go up into space, deep underwater and everything in between. We think that's pretty cool, but we also know that it can be a complex process. Sometimes our customers need help navigating our website and that's where you would come in.

Duane Benson
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