PCB Assembly Services - Screaming Circuits: THE ENGINEERS' DESK WALL CALENDAR 2020



Update: The calendars are on the way!

you would like one, or more, just email marketing@screamingcircuits.com with your postal address, and we will make sure you get one. (while supplies last)

They are large, and glossy and super dorky, and all of your Engineer friends will be jealous. Oh, and this calendar starts in March 2020. We thought January 1st was an arbitrary number, anyway. Don't you?

If you are interested in participating next year, note that in the subject line of your email!


Be the Envy of all Your Engineer Friends!

We know that on the Engineer's Desk below, the ESD strap is on inside-out and there is forbidden fruit on the work station. Ya know, coffee.

Engineers desk

So....prove that you're smarter than us!

Send us an 'aerial' photo of your desk and see if you can top this one. For your efforts, your desk will be featured in our 2020 Wall Calendar, so you can be envied by all of your Engineer friends. See examples at the end of this post.

Tell your Marketing people that we will include your company's logo as well.

AND we will throw in a Screaming Circuits Scarf! FREE. (pictured below)

Send .JPG images (of at least 2,000 pixels wide, in portrait orientation) to marketing@screamingcircuits.com and please include your company's full name and logo if you have it. (if not, we will have our robots look it up). Your do not need to include hands in your photo. Desks and cool stuff only please. No people in the photos.

No. You are not too late. According to INSIAT-602D-31 (International Normal Standard Institute of Acceptable Things), the new year does not always start on January first.

Desk with scarf

Screaming Circuits is not responsible for any injury, loss of time, or death caused by you standing on your rolling chair to get the best picture of your desk.

Our collection so far...

Submissions as of 1-8-2020-1280


Beautiful images and really matural post

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