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Buddy the Board Takes a Trip

All of our assembly work for Screaming Circuits takes place right here in Canby, Oregon and most of our blank PCBs are built by Sunstone Circuits, ten miles away, in Mulino, Oregon. But that doesn't mean that we aren't a global company. We have engineering, web development and creative services here in Canby, at some of our other North American locations, and in India. Having help on the other side of the world (not exactly on the other side, but they are 13.5 hours offset from us), makes it much easier for us to build round the clock. While the Canby engineers are sleeping, our teams in India are awake and working and vice versa.

Well, it's November and that means it is time for us to hop on an airplane to Mumbai, India and give those folks a visit. Little Buddy the Board is getting bags packed, i's dotted and t's crossed for the trip.

Buddy gets ready to leave

I hope Buddy doesn't forget anything important.

For those that want to follow along, we'll be hopping across the US to Newark, NJ and boarding a 777 to fly the great circle route direct to Mumbai. Here's the same route flown on November 4th.

Mumbai flight

The green line is the flight path. I don't know what the dotted line on the North East side is for. Maybe that track accounts for the shifting of the Earth's magnetic field and proves that the world is flat. The white sections of the line are probably time warps.

Regardless, unless eaten by monkeys, Buddy will report back progress on Twitter (@pcbassembly) and Instagram (@screamingcircuits) throughout the trip.

Duane Benson
Translating for Little Buddy the Board who can only speak in binary and HEX


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