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PCB Design Tip of the Day: Connectors - Which Side is Up?

PCB Design Tip of the Day: Ensure Connector Locations & Orientations are Correct 

Connectors, especially thru-hole connectors, present opportunities for error in both layout and in assembly. First, it's not always obvious to the PCB layout specialist which side of the board the connector needs to go on. Then during assembly, the electronic data often doesn't specify which side of the board a thru-hole component will go on. We're left to rely on silk screen or notes in the mechanical assembly drawing.

The lesson here is if we are doing the layout for you, clearly mark the locations and orientation of any connector on your mechanical drawings. If we're just assembling the board, make sure the silk screen and assembly drawings clearly specify, on which side of the board to place the connector.

What is clear to you is not necessarily clear to us!

Connector image

Need layout help? 

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