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PCB Design Tip of the Day

There’s nothing like a good synonym roll, just like Grammar used to make. AKA Semantics do matter in schematics, especially when dealing with multi-page schematic diagrams, reusing schematic sections or working on a team project.

Tip of the day: Use Consistent Abbreviations

If you have copied pages from other schematics and placed them in your current project, or are working with a team of engineers, it’s essential that you take a few minutes to confirm you have used the consistent abbreviations and net names.

Common aspects like ground and power are big culprits here. Often we see “gnd” on one page followed by “gnd1” on another. This inconsistency results in major errors, and is even more common with power nets, with +5v on one page, +5 on another. Correct abbreviations are one of the first things we look at when we begin a project.

Layout clip 54

Need layout help?

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