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PCB Design Tip of the Day

It's often the little things, the seemingly obvious small traps that leap out and bite two weeks later. Mark, PCB design expert from our San Diego PCB Phoenix office has another piece of advice for you when getting your schematic and netlist ready for layout.

Beagleboard USB

Tip of the day: Look for Single Node Nets

If you are working from a multi-page schematic, be sure to double check off-page connectors or ports to confirm they are named consistently (and connected correctly). It could be that a different engineer had been working on the schematic previously and used a different name, or the connectors were given similar -- but not correct -- names.

If one of the connectors is keyed in incorrectly, the result will be a one-component pin seemingly connected to itself. Most schematic programs have automated checks that look for these single node nets and help you resolve naming issues.

Need layout help?

Our San Diego PCB division specializes in PCB layout; turning your schematic into a high quality PCB layout. San Diego PCB is headquartered in San Diego, CA with offices in Phoenix, AZ and Milwaukee, WI. With over 200+ years of combined experience and expertise provided on thousands of printed circuit boards, you can rest assured your PCB layout will be done correctly, on time and within budget. The designers employed at San Diego are CID and/or CID+ (Certified IPC Designers).


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