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PCB Design Tip of the Day

Where do the PCB Design errors grow?

A lot has to happen before a PC board gets into an end user's hands - many different processes and people are involved in getting a device designed and built. The more people and processes involved, the more opportunities there are for errors to crop up. Quality isn't just about the assembly. It's about information and knowledge transfer.

Luke and CAD trimmed

Our San Diego PCB layout specialists take schematic diagrams from design engineers and create the layout for a high quality PC board. The hand off or transition from schematic design to layout is a critical point in the process that often doesn't get the respect it deserves.

Tip of the day: Check your netlist for errors

While working on a complex schematic, it’s easy to make a mistake or leave something out. As such, broken netlists are a very common issue we encounter. Usually the errors are small, but sometimes we run into glaring issues with a customer’s file. In fact, recently a customer submitted a netlist without any pin numbers!

A simple way to check for errors before you submit your netlist to us is to export it: if you receive a syntax or other error message from your program, then you know you’ve got a problem. If you’re lucky, the error message will be specific enough to tell you where the issues are located.

In addition to exporting, most schematic capture programs come with at least one verification utility you can use to look for issues. Taking these quick steps will help ensure your netlist is correct and ready for production.

Need layout help?

Our San Diego PCB division specializes in PCB layout; turning your schematic into a high quality PCB layout. San Diego PCB is headquartered in San Diego, CA with offices in Phoenix, AZ and Milwaukee, WI. With over 200+ years of combined experience and expertise provided on thousands of printed circuit boards, you can rest assured your PCB layout will be done correctly, on time and within budget. The designers employed at San Diego are CID and/or CID+ (Certified IPC Designers).


Thank You. Your post was very valuable and beneficial to me and maybe for all also.

Such an informative blog! It's very helpful for me.

I am interested in how pcb's integrate into IoT? and possible at home projects integrating a LTE IoT chipset


Do you work also with customers in western Europe? If not, do you have recommendations about pcb companies in that area?

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