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What Comes after the Prototype?

What comes after the prototype is built and has passed its tests? Well, hopefully you build more copies of the PC board and then sell them or send them off into space or something. We have actually built boards that have been sent in to space. If that's your gig, then, great. We'll be here the next time you need a few special-project PCBs assembled.

But what if your design is headed for a more terrestrial endpoint; like to the hands of a paying customer? What if you need 50,000 built and need those boards to be cost competitive so you can grow a business? Do you need to go find another manufacturer?

Fortunately, you don't. Screaming Circuits is part of a family. We're a division of a high-volume manufacturer, Milwaukee Electronics. We weren't bought or sold. We were started by Milwaukee Electronics in 2003 to be prototype and small volume production specialists. Milwaukee Electronics is a 65 year old contract electronics manufacturing service provider. That means, yes. We do have volume production capability as well as everything that comes with it, like design and engineering services.

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"And why do I not know this?" you might ask.

Good question, but you know about it now.

Screaming Circuits is here for you if you need a few prototypes, a handful of R&D boards, or maybe a few productions orders when it's too soon to forecast. That's what we do in the Screaming Circuits division: small quantities, fast turns and unpredictable schedules, irregular volumes and un-forecastable products.

Milwaukee Electronics, our parent, is here for forecasted and Kanban volume manufacturing, box build and program management, and original electronics design. Our San Diego PCB division is here for complex and critical PCB layout.

Just contact your customer service representative for more information on any or our available services.

If you would like to receive our bi-weekly newsletter send your email address to marketing@screamingcircuits.com, with the subject line "Newsletter" and as always, to get an online quote, drop on over to screamingcircuits.com.

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