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Ever use a Ti X2SON packaged part?

The name stands for "Extra Small Outline No-lead." It's a newish package from Texas Instruments. In my experience, Ti is one of the better companies where testing and documenting manufactureability is concerned. The datasheet for this device [www.ti.com/lit/an/scea055/scea055.pdf] is no exception.

Cap 01005 100pR 25V and  OpAmp and Jasime rice

The Ti part is the five lead thing above the grain of Jasmine rice, surrounded by a few 01005 ceramic capacitors. I'm selling the capacitors for $500.00 each (just kidding).

The part is 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm, with the five leads. Ti suggests either a 4 mil (0.102 mm) trace coming out of the center pad, or a 4 mil via in the pad (the via MUST be filled and plated over at the board house) to escape the center pad. They also do a nice job of detailing out the solder paste stencil layer, as in the following image:

Ti TLV9061 OpAmp X2SON data sheet excerpt

You'll most likely need a custom CAD footprint for one of these. Either very carefully do it yourself, or go to a solid source like SnapEDA. If they don't already have it in their library, the'll make it for you.

These small packages aren't going away. We're only going to see more of them. They may seem intimidating, but with a good footprint and a competent manufacturer, they aren't so bad.

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Duane Benson
"a ruler of follows"? That makes no sense.
How about " a rule of followers"?


That's exactly why I state: "the via MUST be filled and plated over at the board house." Open vias in pads are a solid "No", especially at these geometries.

"some solder will wick into the via."

Sounds like they're suggesting an unfilled via, which is surprising. It's a recipe for voiding.

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