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Multidisciplinary Trivia

I sometimes spend my Tuesday evenings engaging in pub trivia. It's a thing here in Oregon - maybe in other places too. I do okay, but there always seems to be too many sports and contemporary pop culture questions. I'm not inherently against pop culture or sports, but those sort of references just don't stick in my head all that well. I've gone to a few trivia nights that were labeled as geek trivia or nerd trivia, but they were talking about sports geeks or music nerds. Again, I don't have anything against those subjects. It's just that I tend to think of nerd or geek in the context of my environment and the things that get needlessly stuck in my head.

Last Tuesday, surprised me though. The answer for one of the questions was ohms law, and the question did a passable rendition of the actual law. I'd call that nerd trivia. In that spirit, I've got a few trivia questions here. If you can answer them correctly, you will have my respect and admiration, but no actual prize today - unless you can give a really convincing argument for some sort of prize.

Q1 Colector mark

061: Robert Noyce co-founded Fairchild and Intel and is known as one of the icons of early silicon valley. What was his primary collegiate discipline?

062: If you used the following notation to represent a number in Verilog, 6'b11101010 what value would be stored?

063: Joseph Gerber invented the Gerber file format used in the PCB fab and assembly industry. He is credited with many inventions across a number of industries. Which industry did he revolutionize first?

064: When placing a two lead polarized component on a PC board, pin one is on the left as you look down on the PC board, and the part is horizontal when at zero degrees rotation. Name the standard that covers those details.

065: Buckminster Fuller, one of the great minds of the 20th century popularized the term "synergy" which has become known as the root of business buzzword bozoness. If you can get past that, tell us what molecular structure was posthumously named after him.

066: Who is considered to be the creator of the COBOL language?

067: In the cellular structure of most life, DNA is more or less considered to be the rough equivalent to the software in a computer. What constructs are most likely to be considered the rough equivalent of the hardware (once we figure it out)?

061 060: Who was the first person to be awarded a second Nobel prize?

061 061: Who made the primary trajectory calculations for the Mercury manned space project and the Apollo 11 moon flight?

061 062: What is Dimitri Mendeleev credited with inventing

061 063: If you do a Google search for "IWM", you're likely to come up with a number of stock symbols and such things as the Imperial War Museum. Ignore those and think about where you're reading this and who's writing it. What does IWM stand for?

That should be enough of a trivia distraction for a while. Get back to work. 

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Great trivia questions! Thanks for sharing.

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