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Do Bolts go on the Bill of Materials Too?


If you want us to install it, it must go in the bill of materials.

For the most part, we solder thru-hole and surface mount components on the PC boards. As pretty much everyone knows, all of those parts need to be put in the bill of materials (BOM). But what about things that aren't soldered? Like nuts and bolts, double sticky tape, or display panels and such? Where do they go?

The quick answer is that they go in the BOM like all of the other parts. We build from the BOM, as do most manufacturers. That means that if it's not in  the BOM, we won't know to install it.

Non-solder parts

Some of these parts are non-standard and can't easily be quoted online, but they still need to be in the BOM. If you have such things, first give us a call to see how much it will cost and if we can assemble it. Then either put the reference designator in silk screen or give us an assembly drawing with a reference designator for whatever it is. That means a set of bolts might be BT1, BT2, BT3... The washers could be W1, and nuts N1. A glue dot could be G1. It doesn't matter that much. Just make sure the reference designator in the BOM matches that on silk screen or in an assembly drawing.

If it requires hand operations like double-stick tape under a display, again check with your customer service rep first, but then put the display and tape in the BOM and provide any non-obvious information in an assembly drawing or special instructions.

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