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The QFN Rides Again - a Brief Update

Partially placed components in layoutIf you've been following this series, you've likely come to the determination that I've fallen behind, or forgotten about the project. I haven't forgotten, but I have fallen behind.

When I last wrote about the project (here), I had examined the three QFN footprints and discovered that the need some help. All three have open vias and fully open center pad area in the paste layer.

I haven't yet modified the footprints, but I'll need to soon. I have placed all of the active components and some of the passives. I'd like to keep all of the components on one side, but some of the passives may end up on the back.

You can't really tell in the image, but I seem to have accidentally placed C11 off the board and off the design area to the lower left - so far that I can't actually zoom out enough to select the component and move it back. Time to read the manual.

More later...

Duane Benson
NEMA NEMA, oh no, you turn me where you gotta turn


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