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A Presidential Announcement

Screaming Circuits doesn't stand alone. Rather, we stand with a whole lot of customers, and with our parent company, Milwaukee Electronics.

For those that don't know, Milwaukee Electronics is one of the longest established full-service contract manufacturers in the United States, having started operations in 1954. One of the biggest milestones occurred in 1985 when Michael Stoehr purchased the company, becoming President and CEO. Screaming Circuits came along as a division in 2003. With that, I'd like to present a letter from our CEO, Michael Stoehr, with a special announcement: 


I’m pleased to announce that our current COO Rick McClain, has been promoted to President. I will continue with the title of CEO and handle the functions of that position. It is very important to me to ensure continuity in leadership style and values as we continue to evolve as a privately-held company. Splitting the President and CEO roles into two positions helps ensure that continuity. At the same time, it increases the executive bandwidth that can be focused on organizational innovation and continuous improvement.

Over the last 19 years, Rick has stepped up to increasing levels of executive responsibility within the company and demonstrated an ability to drive internal innovation as well as provide the strong leadership needed as our company enhanced its systems, equipment and service mix.

Milwaukee Electronics is not simply an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company. We are helping to re-define the EMS business model by listening to customers and filling the gaps they define. This focus has led us to build one of the strongest new product support models in our segment of the industry providing a unique blend of conceptual engineering, PCB layout and quick-turn prototyping options that can be bundled or purchased transactionally. Ensuring that model integrates smoothly while driving the changes necessary to evolve our EMS model as our customer base grows is better handled by dividing the President and CEO roles.

Our customer base is equally unique, as most of our key customers come to us for very tailored solutions. Taking a two-person approach helps free up the executive bandwidth necessary to ensure that we are carefully listening to their changing needs and developing business and technology roadmaps that address them.

We’ve entered an exciting era of evolution for Milwaukee Electronics. The investments we’ve made over the last several years in systems and automation are in place. Over the last year, we’ve completed an acquisition and added personnel, which substantially increases our engineering strength and service offerings. Additionally, we’ve strengthened relationships with existing customers and are now seeing some of our engineering customers become EMS customers. And, the overall economy is heating up. In short, we are well positioned for growth but want to carefully fine tune the Company we’ve become. This organizational change will help us do that much more efficiently.

P. Michael Stoehr




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