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Merry Mosfet!

What is Mosfet day and why should you care?

Mosfet day is a holiday, on December 23rd of each year, all about celebrating what we are collectively capable of doing, if we set our differences aside, if we look at the good in the world, if we look at what improves the human condition, if we focus on what's positive and exciting. Mosfet day has nothing negative to say or imply about anyone or anything. It's about the human potential. It's about all of the wonderful things that are possible, if we open up and allow the positive.

Mosfet backeards to-92At Screaming Circuits, we celebrate Mosfet day because we see so much exciting technology. Even more, it's not really even about the technology. It's about the minds that see all the possibility. Mosfet day is about the idea that you could drop a camera to the bottom of the ocean in a Plexiglas sphere and video the sea critters. It's about the thought that you could put an SUV on Mars that will search for signs of past life on a planet other than Earth. It's about the 305px-MOSFET_functioning_body.svgthought that you can make life better for people who are bed ridden in the hospital. It's about the idea that you can protect turtle eggs while keeping the beach usable. And, it's about the idea that anyone, with an idea, and some electronics aptitude, can change the world for the better.

As few people know (few people in the general population, that is. Most of you reading this probably do know), the Mosfet is the primary, fundamental building block of everything digital. Mosfet day is celebrated on December 23 of each year. While there were many events and days that lead to the invention of the silicon transistor switch, the transistor was successfully demonstrated on December 23, 1947 at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey. Even though that was a bipolar junction device, that's the day chosen to celebrate Mosfet day.

And, of course, everyone knows that the right way to celebrate Mosfet day is to carry an electronic device around with you all day; preferably something that allows you to communicate with others also celebrating the holiday. So come December 23rd, grab yourself an electronics device and show your holiday spirit.

All of us here at Screaming Circuits wish you a merry Mosfet day!

Duane Benson
Seriously - this really is the golden age

Merry Mosfet front


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