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Eclipse-o-pocalypse 2017

Save the date: August 21, 2017.

I don't need to tell you what's happening that day, but I will anyway. It's total eclipse day here in the USA. I wouldn't care too much, except; a) I think total eclipses are cool, b) the last one I experienced involved watching the rain clouds get dark and then get light again, and c) most important - we, at Screaming Circuits, are sitting right on the edge of totality.

Canby, Oregon, where we put your parts on your boards, reaches 99.94% totality. That's at the South entrance to our parking lot. The machine building your boards is closer to 99.38% totality. The center of the path of totality is in Salem, only about 25 miles South of here.

In honor of that, we're declaring August 21, 2017 to be a National holiday: Eclipse-o-pocalypse 2017!

On a more serious note, ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) is expecting a million people to come into the state to view the eclipse. I know, for you big city folks, that's like a block's worth of people, but for us, that's 25% of the population of the state, all coming in, most to the I5 corridor between Portland airport and Salem. They are expecting traffic disruptions equivalent to the last major snow/ice storm we had, which pretty much shut the whole place down.

Our shipping carriers are trying to be optimistic, but it's likely that we won't be able to get shipments in or out of the building that day. That being the case, we have to treat the day like a holiday, as far as shipping and our delivery guarantee is concerned. Monday, August 21st is considered to be a holiday, and does not count toward our turn-time guarantee. We'll do our best to ship, but we can't guarantee it for that day.



Duane Benson
"the edge of totality" sounds like a good SciFi novel title


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