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What's So Difficult About Diodes?

A diode can be put on a a PC board in one of two ways. It's only got two pins (usually - see, already, Iv'e got a caveat.) I've written about them a few times before. I've got a sampling of those posts here. But first, 

Good marking:

Good markation a

Bad marking:

Bad markation

The diode schematic symbol is always a good choice. If there isn't room for that, "A" for anode or "K" for cathode work well too. Why "K", and not "C", you may ask? Because "K" kan't be konfused with a capacitor.

Okay. Enough ranting for now. Just use the diode schematic symbol, "A", for anode, or "K", for cathode; and always look at the data sheet for the EXACT part number.

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I am the Electronics student I have made a printed circuit board but face a problem when there is a positive value for voltage, I got the 1st diode as off (open circuit) and the 2nd diode as on (short circuit). This would mean Vout is always 0 for positive voltage. When the voltage becomes negative, the 1st diode becomes short and the 2nd becomes open circuit.

Thanks for Diode information

The diode schematic symbol is always a good choice. If there isn't room for that

nice your informaction of hem

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