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Announcing New NAND-Compression BOM consolidation service

Screaming Circuits is proud to announce its newest prototype and low-volume manufacturing related service offering: NAND-compression BOM (bill of materials) consolidation.

One of the ongoing frustrations in the electronics design design world relates to the explosive rate of introduction of new components. Specialized components were introduced at the rate of 42 per day during the first three months of 2017, according to industry watch group StIOsMCT (stop the introduction of so many chip types).

74hc00"Keeping the BOM straight and getting all of the minor difference in part number has become one of the biggest challenges in manufacturing today", stated Morton Von Tribblenose, Screaming Circuits director of Silicon and Potato. He continued: "On a 20 character part number, every single character is significant. Swapping an A for a D at the end of the part number could change the device you order from a MIL spec part to a baked sour cream and onion part, and no one likes those baked chips."

7400 chips NAND compressionDigital logic experts have long known that any gate, in fact any digital logic circuit, can be created out of a combination of NAND gates. With that being the case, BOMs uploaded to the Screaming Circuits online parts quote system will be sent through our automated NAND replacement engine. Every component, whether a complex 32-bit microcontroller, or a simple inverter will be replaced with the right number of 7400 quad 2-input NAND gates. Never again will you need to worry if a component is in stock, or if you flipped a digit in the part number.

Once the BOM has been uploaded and processed, you will be able to download a revised BOM, along with basic gate translation instructions. For example, one bill of materials, originally with 52 unique part numbers and 168 total components, was revised to a BOM with one part number, and 7,291 individual 7400 NAND gate chips. Please note that you will be responsible for revising your schematic and PCB design to accommodate the extra components. You are also responsible for adding bypass capacitors, and that feature won't be included until version 2 is released sometime in the next century.

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Can you please include the option to use a BJT or FET transistor instead of NAND so that we may include analog parts replacement also?

nice chap One of the ongoing frustrations in the electronics design design world relates to the explosive rate of introduction of new components.

Wow, I was genuinely interested in paying for this service in the first couple paragraphs. Well played.

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