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The Three O's

Three os clear background

            There is just something beautiful about drawing a perfect circle. The fact that it is difficult to achieve makes the value of this accomplishment that much more impressive. Business Insider wrote an article about drawing perfect circles. In fact, they reported that we get worse at drawing the faster we try and that our brains prefer to move just one joint at a time instead of the many required to create precise circles. 

         Fortunately, if you google “how to draw a perfect circle”, you will find a plethora of sites and tutorials to get you practicing in no time. OR we can all be lazy and use Photoshop or Paint and boom, you have a perfect circle.

         Before I move onto why perfect circles are important, view this YouTube video to learn the secret that I adapted for myself for drawing the perfect circle (You will be sure to impress everyone when you pull this trick out of the bag—INSTANT popularity at your next conference meeting when drawing your circle graph).

         Here at Screaming Circuits, having three perfect circles are vitally important. The three circles are 1) Quality 2) Speed and 3) Cost. They must each be a perfect circle in order for our company to function in unison.

  1. You cannot have the quality products and personal service without competitive rates.
  2. You cannot have readily fast turnovers without attentive service on the floor.
  3. You cannot make money as a company without offering top quality service and fast, accurate speed.

When attending trade shows and standing behind a display of Screaming Circuits glory, I need to be able to stand behind what I represent and fully understand the value in all three of our perfect circles. Reminding myself as well as those who ask, “What makes you different than the rest?”

My reply: We have three perfect circles.

For more information about how we do business, check out our newly revamped site: www.screamingcircuits.com. And remember, you have a right to be picky about your circles. There are just too many look-a-likes out there.


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