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Sir William Crookes was the inventor of the vacuum tube, discoverer of helium and accomplished experimenter. He was also a very spiritual man and often experimented with the paranormal. Someone as smart of him MUST have been onto something.

Nikola Tesla looked up to him and learned a lot from him, was motivated and followed his research. In turn, Crookes stood by Tesla’s side, defending him when the world turned against Tesla during a certain period.

Sir William Crookes was an English chemist and physicist who attended the Royal College of Chemistry in London. He was considered a pioneer after his invention of the vacuum tube which was made in 1875. He went on to invent the Crookes radiometer which is still sold to this day as a novelty item. The radiometer, also known as a light mill, consist of an airtight glass bulb that contains a partial vacuum.

Tesla followed up on these discoveries of Crookes and found that electrostatic charges could also be conveyed by Radiant Matter: “Radiant Energy”.

“To my illustrious friend Sir William Crookes of whom I always think and whose kind letters I never answer.” – Nikola Tesla (Written letter from 1901).

“Nikola Tesla never forgot the date when his dear mentor and friend departed the material world. Shedding aside the crusader’s lantern to those in the scientific world, he took to the stars – the date was April 4, 1919. Those who grew to cherish his memory lifted his lantern before it fell into the relativistic dust. In so doing, one felt a twinkling joy where there should have been sadness. The great man’s passing left a sparkling trace work, and yes, like the joy which suddenly quickens and stimulates in the midst of night, it twinkles still!”  (https://borderlandsciences.org/journal/vol/54-5/v54-1/Vassilatos_on_William_Crookes.html)

This ultimately reminds me that it is vitally important to have mentors in our lives because of the significant influence they might have in our life and future. “We all have more to give, giving it to someone you can help get better is the most effective thing you can do. Empowering others is a way to make the biggest difference.” -Maynard Webb 

Tesla and Sir William Crookes made a difference, wouldn’t you agree?Sir_William_Crookes_1906



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