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Inspired to Become an Engineer

Do you love your job? We pretty much live the majority of our lives at work, so naturally it would seem important that we chose a career that we love, just like choosing a spouse to commit too, you should have the same passion for work. What inspired you to become an engineer? Was it because you love seeing how things are made and how it works? Was it the new inventions that excited you that made you want to be a part of that in some way? Was it because you are brilliant in math?

“I love reading stories from our customers as well as articles when engineers share what drove them to become one. It’s inspiring.I was 12 and an earthquake hit our state in India. Thousands of people died in that event because hundreds of buildings collapsed. People were afraid to get back in their houses as they were severely damage. This create a deep scar in my thoughts. I was always interested in buildings after that and I usually watched mega-structures and big bigger and biggest. This developed my interest in the field and now I am a structural engineer who designs earthquake resistant houses and buildings. I hope to take this to India and make it a safer place to live in.”   - Jinal Doshi

“There is a scene in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" where Rick Moranis is smashing the machine that accidentally shrunk his children and electronics components (capacitors and resistors) are raining down. When I saw the larger-than-life electronics components in that scene I noticed the numbers printed on them and thought "What do those numbers mean? Why would the machine need those specific parts to work?" This led me to Radio Shack and the wonderful books by Forest M. Mims III, and that's how I got interested in electronics!”   - Mark Turowski

"I considered two career paths; Engineer or Physicist. Engineers mostly live in nice neighborhoods and dine at fine restaurants. Physics majors take their orders and ask if they wants fries with their meals." - Rich Lukas

I would love to hear from you! If you share what inspired YOU to become an engineer (for those of you who are), your name will be added to our giveaway for a free framed 11x14 Screaming Circuits poster! Winner will be drawn on New Year’s Day!

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- Shaunna Kaufmann
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