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Who Are We?

People sometimes ask who we are as Americans, or who we think we are.

We are a diverse lot. We are people who couldn't hack it in the old world. We left the old world because we were chased out, kicked out or kidnapped out. We left the old world because we saw opportunity to be free or the opportunity to exploit. We left because we didn't fit in or didn't like the life open to us. Some of us were here first and weren't able to fare well against the newcomers. Some of us escaped the old world because we simply wanted better. We are a mixture of everything that we don't like about the world and of everything that we do like about the world. We are an amalgam of all that is good an all that is bad. We are proof that when you mix good and bad together, the result is more good than bad.

We are a symbol. We are a symbol to the world that you can change governments without violence. We are a symbol that individuals really do have a voice and a choice. We are a symbol that opportunity for the human spirit still exists. We are this for two reasons: people are willing to dream for it, and people are willing to die for it.

Today is a day set aside in this country, for us to thank those that have been willing to die for it. Without them, the dreamers would never have more than a dream.

Duane Benson



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