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V-Score panelization

V-score top viewMy last post talked a bit about panelization, in general. Today, I'm taking a look at V-Score panelization. V-score is created by running a V-shaped blade across the top and bottom of the panel without cutting all the way through. The board in the mini-image of my prior post is V-scored. Top left, on this page, is a close up of the V-scoring. [Note that the cross-hatched area is not in the active circuit portion of the panel. It's in the rails. You'd never want to cut through copper like that in part of the board that will be used. Even here, it would be best not to have copper in the path of the v-scoring blade.]

You'll note that it's all straight lines. V-score can only separate rectangular panelized boards. For curves, you'll need to use a different technique.

V-score edge onThe next image down, on the left, shows an edge-on view of the V-score. You can clearly see what I mean by "without cutting all the way through." The cut leaves enough material to hold the boards solidly together during processing, but easy to separate.

V-score de paneled edgeBy the way, we generally don't just snap them apart. We've got a special tool - a bit like a pizza cutter in a fixture - specifically designed to separate them without stressing or bending the board. If we feel there's any risk of over-stressing, we'll use the tool.

The next image, here on the right, shows a board edge after de-panelization. Note that it's not a smooth, flat edge.

In contrast, the next image down, on the right, shows a flat milled edge. Generally, though, you can't visually tell the difference without close examination. You can, however, feel it if you run your finger lightly along the edge. Just be careful to not get slivers.

Next time, I'll examine tab-routing, which will allow for non-rectangular shapes.

Milled edgeDuane Benson
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Great V-score tips. Every little bit of information always helps!! Thanks

Thanks for this neet little trick that I'll add to my arsenal

I have 250mils panel of 3up. Can I use V-score? if so, what is the dimension(length, width, height,and angle)? thank you for your time

What is the name of the tool that you use for separating the boards?

You said it's like a pizza cutter?

I enjoyed this post, you have a unique approach that provides important information but also stays on topic. I look forward to reading more of your posts, I hope you keep posting frequently!

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